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Caroline James is an architectural designer, material junkie and community organizer. She is working on a range of residential and institutional projects meanwhile drawing practical life experience from her community engagement and writing practice. See PDFs of CV here, and recent works in Portfolio here.

Research and Travel

Caroline James has a liberal arts background, studying Italian in college and working as a teacher, writer and editor in Asia. Her travels around the world granted in-depth exposure to different ways of life and building cultures globally. She has conducted research projects on culture and etymology, as well as written about Architecture in the popular press, focusing primarily on process and participation.

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Equality, Diversity, Equity in Architecture

While a student at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, she launched with Arielle Assouline-Lichten the Petition for Recognition of Architect Denise Scott Brown to the Pritzker Architecture Prize. With over 20,000 supporters, the Petition was a watershed moment leading up to today’s #TimesUp discussions around respect, justness, equity and equality.

Partners include Voices of Women – VOW Architects, working in tandem with other groups including RebelArchitette in Italy, who collaborated to stage the successful Voices of Women FLASH MOB at the 2018 Venice Biennale of Architecture.

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Community Engagement

With a home base in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Caroline is also active in her community as founding Board Member of the Harvard Square Neighborhood Association, and collaborator with Cambridge Bicycle Safety and Green Cambridge.

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