Harvard Square Activism

Harvard Square Neighborhood Assoc.

Along with community members including long-time advocate Pebble “Gladys” Gifford, affordable housing advocates, preservationists and artists, Caroline founded the Harvard Square Neighborhood Association with the mission to promote a vibrant, diverse and inclusive Harvard Square, while preserving its historic character. The group has been successful in lobbying for key Planning and Zoning decisions. Harvard Square as a hub that belongs to all.


The grassroots “OurHarvardSq” collective within the Harvard Square Neighborhood Association seeks to garner participation from diverse constituents in the design process managed by the City of Cambridge. One community engagement asked: What do you dream the Kiosk to be? If the Kiosk were a person, what would it be? What would you like to see in Harvard Square? What do you love about Harvard Square? Here are some replies: